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AvatarPetra J.
Pěkné zboží
AvatarDana T.
Overall opinion:
vše proběhlo rychle a bez problému
AvatarLudmila P.
Rychlost, super komunikace
AvatarEva Z.
Krásné látky, rychlá doprava, veliký výběr
AvatarHana H.
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Skvělá spolupráce a dodej vybraného zboží.
AvatarDaniela P.
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Na dotaz pomoc s výběrem, dodání během chvilky Jediný problém mám vybrat, je toho moc a vše krásné a potřebovala bych neomezený finanční účet
AvatarJarmila M.
rychlé dodání, krásné látky
AvatarJana J.
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Rychlá a výborná komunikace ze strany obchodu.
AvatarLudmila H.
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velmi ochotní a flexibilí
AvatarVladimíra B.
výborná komunikace pěkné zboží

Coriolus - MycoMedica

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Coriolus - MycoMedica

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The high-quality veterinary product Coriolus, which was appreciated by the ancient Chinese for its vitalizing effects on the body and mind.

Package contents: 90 capsules of 500 mg of extract
Net package weight: 55,8 g

It can be ordered in gelatin or vegetarian capsules. If you are interested in a sold-out variant, please write us an e-mail.

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Coriolus in optimal concentration

The high-quality veterinary product Coriolus, which was appreciated by the ancient Chinese for its vitalizing effects on the body and mind. Traditional medicine believes in its supportive properties in the treatment of cancer.

While in traditional Chinese medicine TCM, Coriolus, which grows almost anywhere in the world, has been used for centuries and is also known in folk medicine in South America, its use as a vital fungus is still in its infancy in Europe.

Thanks to processing by the method of hot water extraction, we offer high-quality Coriol extract in an ideal ratio of active ingredients for the best results:

  • min. 40% of polysaccharides (in reality it is 43-44%) 

Manufacturer: TCM POINT s.r.o. - Masarykovo nám.18, 549 54 Police nad Metují.

We cannot offer Coriolus as a food supplement on the basis of an EU regulation. We therefore offer it as a veterinary product.

Dosage for cats and dogs, use:

Animal weight      Batch

<10kg                 1 capsule / day
10 to 20 kg          2 capsules / day
20 to 30 kg          3 capsules / day
> 30kg                4 capsules / day

Can be used for a long time.

1 capsule contains 0.5 g of mushroom extract

How to use: it is possible to take whole capsules or pour the contents of the capsule into the feed

Warning: Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. It does not contain caffeine, gluten, preservatives, dyes or sugar. Store in the dark and dry at a temperature up to 25° C. Keep out of reach of children.

MycoMedica Coriolus veterinary medicinal product is approved under the number VP: 045-16/C.


Package contents: 90 capsules of 500 mg extract - in gelatin or herbal capsules (herbal are also suitable for vegans)
Net package weight: 55,8 g

Ingredients in 1 capsule:
Coriolus, Coriolus versicolor, 100% pure extract - 500mg
excipients: without excipients, additives and preservatives

About Coryolus:

Coriolus in English translation means turkey tail, for its appearance. It was also called the grass of the realm of heaven. Coriolus grows on rotting trunks in temperate climates in Europe, Asia and North America.
In China, Coriolus was a highly prized medicine at the Chinese court, mainly for its revitalizing effect, as it has a positive effect on both the body and the mind.

Due to the content of many types of specific betaglucans, it can be said that the most fundamental effect of Coriol, according to traditional medicine, is in its help in the treatment of cancer (as with most other vital fungi). From the Chinese point of view, cancer is only an imbalance of the organism. In Korea, for example, Coriolus complements medical treatment for 70% of all cancer patients.

Therapeutic effects of Coriolus in pets:

  • cancer treatment supplement + any fungus, depending on the type of tumor
  • improving the tolerability of chemotherapy and radiotherapy - strengthening the immune system + Reishi, ABM, Shiitake
  • support for liver dysfunction + Maitake, Reishi, ABM, Shiitake
  • strengthening the body's defense system, especially against viral and bacterial diseases + ABM, Cordyceps CS-4, Reishi, Shiitake
  • antifungal effect + Shitake
  • when attacked by parasites and pathogens of any kind
  • to support the regeneration of mucous membranes (sinusitis, chronic urological inflammation) + Cordyceps
  • to reduce the side effects of vaccination
  • before or after operations